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Welcome to our Club Aloha Accessories Page.

After you have purchased your collar or pair of boxers,
what better way to add to your Aloha collection


Aloha Checkbook Cover
Tired of those plain old plastic checkbook covers?
All of your friends will be envious when you whip out your Club Aloha checkbook cover - they'll say "wow, where did you get that?"
So order your Club Aloha checkbook cover now
and get stylin the Aloha way!

Aloha Bag
Custom handmade Club Aloha handbag
Perfect size (7" x 8") for carrying your essentials -
cell phone, keys, lipstick, even your checkbook.
Bag is fully lined and features an antique brass zipper.

Hawaiian checkbook covers

Aloha print combined with Denim
100% cotton fabric exterior with a stiff interior to hold the shape.
The checkbook cover flips up and reveals your register and checks.  Optional clear vinyl slot on front for holding
business card, license, etc.
* Ethnic only available with Handbag

Club Aloha Checkbook Cover $15.00


Club Aloha Bag $18.00


Aloha Tote
Custom handmade Tote - size (approx 14" x 18")
Exterior is covered with a clear plastic vinyl, keeping your bag from getting dirty. Tote is fully lined and straps are sturdy.
Perfect for the beach, picnics, shopping or just carrying stuff.
(other sizes available through special order)
Aloha Hooded Baby Blanket
Wrap your baby in Aloha with this warm and
cozy hooded reversible blanket.
Measures 35" long, 42" wide
100% cotton & cotton flannel

Club Aloha Tote $25.00


Club Aloha
 Hooded Baby Blanket $36.00



Wela Pale (Hot Pad)
This handmade Wela Pale is filled with rice and dried lavender.
 Heating in the microwave will provide a moist heat sensation stimulating blood circulation to help accelerate the body's natural healing process. Lavender helps circulation and works as a detoxifier.
Store your pale in a plastic bag in the freezer to provide cool comfort
and it becomes
Anu Pale (Cold Pad).
Hot or cold, works great on muscle aches and pains!
Maka Uluna (Eye Pillow)
Silk eye pillow filled with dried lavender.
Lavender helps relieve arthritis, circulation, migraine, muscle and nerve pain. Use for deep relaxation, meditation and nap time. Weight of the rice adds gentle pressure and helps block out light, relieving tension around the eye area. Batik pillowcase is 100% cotton and can be
washed as necessary.

Pink Batik

Green Batik

Pink Batik

Olive Green/Beige


Green Batik

Club Aloha Wela Pale ( Aromatherapy Wraps) $20.00


Club Aloha Maka Uluna (Eye Pillows) $15.00


Fall Harvest

3-D Passion Quilt

Star-Lit Batik

The quilts you see are handmade by me and may be available in my Etsy Shop or you can email us directly.
Check out more of our  handmade quilts and
other items at

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